CArl archiniaco

Carl has been working in the commercial real estate field since the 1970s, establishing his presence in the Oklahoma City market over 40 years ago. Since then, he has been recognized as one of the leading experts in his community on industrial, income and investment properties. With a long list of big name clients including Warren Theaters, FedEx Kinkos, Taco Bell, AutoZone and more, his career has solidified his glowing reputation in his home state as well as surrounding states in the region.


john archiniaco

John has worn many occupational hats over the years including owning and operating several recording studios and running his own private investigative agency, but growing up around his father Carl, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that he would eventually come to follow in his footsteps. Specializing in a variety of investment properties and special purpose leases, John is on track to carry on the family legacy in Oklahoma’s commercial market.